Create SPA with Laravel and Vue - Part 1 (Planning)

1 June 2018
Some time ago I was looking for a good starter to build full stack SPA. Unfortunately, none of boilerplates I found had all functionality I needed. I also had a few concerns, e.g. frontend token validation. So I decided to create my own version!

Today we are going to create a Single Page Application boilerplate, that can be used to build some amazing apps. Here are some core functionalities:
  • Admin panel: CRUD for pages with JWT Authentication (using RS256 algorithm), drag & drop reordering and option to show desired pages in navbar
  • JWT is also verified by frontend, as well as IP address from token's payload
  • App can be easily translated to desired language using vuex-i18n and translation strings
  • Image dropzone
  • WYSIWYG (Quill) with image upload
  • Image gallery (lightbox)
I decided to use Laravel 5.6 as backend, and Vue.js with Vuetify as frontend.

You'll find working project on GitHub.

Let's get started!
First thing we need to do, is to install required software. Plase make sure you have installed and configured following apps: In the next post we will build backend for our application.

See you soon!
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