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For many years, I have been working in computer programming, responsive web apps creation (front-end & back-end), eCommerce websites, Content Management Systems, database/server management, graphic design, and just about everything else under the sun.

My philosophy is to learn from the best, constantly improve my workflow and try to keep things as simple as possible.

Some languages/frameworks/libraries I frequently find myself using include PHP (Laravel, Lumen, Symfony), JavaScript (Vue.js, Node.js, jQuery), HTML5, CSS3 and MySQL.

When I am not coding or pushing pixels, you will find me on the road/in the woods riding my gravel bike, or in the wilderness taking pictures with my DSRL.

Feel free to take a look at my selected works and blog posts (more to come).

Mail & Sale App

Web application for sending bulk e-mails to multiple customer groups using Mailgun API. You can add draft messages, templates, sending date etc. App comes with Sale manager, that can be attached to messages.

  • Send bulk emails to selected client groups using Mailgun API
  • CRUD for messages (with drafts and templates), groups, clients, orders, sales, products, users
  • Preview message in browser
  • Count delivered/opened/clicked messages using webhooks
  • Send messages with future date using queue
  • Send message to test group before final sending
  • Import/export clients to *.xlsx
  • Check MX records for domains
  • Attach sale to message
  • Attach previously created products to sale
  • Clone products and sales
  • Order form
  • Create PDF (order details)
  • Dynamically change order payment status, package number and comments using AJAX
  • Send order info to customer (placed / shipped / payment reminder)
  • App can be easily translated to desired language using translation strings
  • Custom logging system
  • Image dropzone
  • Crop image before upload
  • WYSIWYG (CKEditor) including file manager with image upload
  • Detect offline state



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